Care of wooden objects

Each of our wood objects you purchase a special, custom-built in a loving and traditional handicraft accessory. It is not an object from a large, technical mass production and therefore one should also particularly care for.
Wood is an organic material which still constantly "working". When transported in our latitudes it is exposed to significant temperature variations. We try to reduce this as much as possible with drying times in the country of origin. Nevertheless, it may from time to time lead to stress cracking (especially with large objects). The beauty of the object will not necessarily reduced, but only further raises its value and its difference. This is not a complaint.
Wooden objects should not be exposed to direct sunlight, you should also pay attention to sufficient distance from radiators and underfloor heating. Ideal for wooden objects is a constant room climate.

We recommend that wooden objects from and to be treated with beeswax or colorless wood care oil. Please understand that we can not guarantee for the oils used and results. Care of a special type of wood you get more detail on a wood preservative professional or the Internet.


Pearl & Coral Care

Since pearls and corals are grown organically jewellery, they are different from other gemstones or precious metals. They are softer, more sensitive and can therefore scratch much easier to break or be damaged. In addition, substances such as perfume or hair spray can fade their shine and dampen their brilliance. Pearls / corals contain water and therefore should not be stored in direct sunlight or on the radiator. For these reasons, pearls require special care!

Perfume, hairspray or other cosmetics applied before the application of the pearls / corals.
The beads / coral with a wet piece of cloth after wearing to remove the remains of cosmetics and skin fat.
Wash beads / coral with a soft cloth and mild soap. This solves the debris.
Pearls / corals can be set to in dilute salt water to brush off and, if the metal and silver components of the mounts or chains not start.
Do not place pearls / corals along with other jewellery to prevent scratches and damage. Better wrap beads / coral in a soft towel and store it in a padded jewelry box.
The pearls / corals can re-raise when necessary to prevent cracking the beads.
Check node between the pearls / corals from time to time, as they prevent the rubbing together of the pearls and damage.
Just a little care will help to for many years to get the pearls and coral safe and radiant away.