From South Africa mamabulè has brought you hand-painted ceramics and something very special: Raku ceramics!

Just browse through the fairly produced plates, cups and bowls. All of them can be combined with each other and are adorned with the lovely „makoti“ or „birds“ pattern. Every single piece is formed and painted by hand. Enjoy breakfast from these special dishes and feel the joy the artists felt when they mixed and applied those shiny colours.

mamabulè discovered the special Raku ceramics at South Africa's Western Cape. What makes Raku ceramics so special is it's unique, finely broken glaze: the „craquelée“

Raku ceramics from mamabulè is being fired between the blue sea and endless nature reserves. Artists form strong soils to animals, bowls, pots and jugs. With a lot of humour and joy they let themselves be inspired by the nature and the traditions that surround them. That's how fish, elephants, buffaloes and many many more animals become wonderful favourite pieces in your home. Just fill up those bowls, jugs and wine coolers in order to bring joy to you and to your nearest and dearest.

What makes Raku ceramics so special is it's unique surface, the „craquelée“. Mamabulè finds it very fascinating: Artists apply bright colours and creative patterns to the – yet unfired – surface. Afterwards the raw ceramics are being fired in furnaces at around thousand degrees of Celsius. As the raw mass hardens the surface crackles to finest but watertight hairline cracks: the „craquelée“. This special glazing technique makes every single piece beautifully unique.