About mamabulè

I travel the world since I am sixteen. I love nature and the cultures of the world.

On a journey through the wonderful landscapes of Zimbabwe I was looking for a gift in order to surprise my girlfriend. I've found a small store by accident. It was full of those beautiful, hand-crafted and fairly traded products made out of ceramics, textiles and wood.
A charming present crafted of fine cloth made my girlfriend so happy that she instantly proposed to me :-)
Since then, this very beautiful present has a special place in our home.

I've seen with my own eyes how much joy and ambiance can be brought to someone's home with those products. Because of that I'm looking for those special hand-crafted creations on my journeys since then. Artists from local communities find occupation in small structured manufactures. There they can do their creative work under fair and ethical conditions.

Mamabulè is the name of a former village in Botswana. An ancient well, desiccated a long time ago, still witnesses it's existence. Nobody knows much about this village, except that it's dwellers herded sheep. Out of the sheep's wool they wove wondrous blankets.
People say, that one day the dwellers of Mamabulè moved on to somewhere else. They took their sheep and the secret of their blankets with them. Unfortunately nobody knows where exactly they settled again ...
However, I've been told this story so impressively and thrillingly, that I couldn't get the name „Mamabulè“ out of my mind ...